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CYANOTYPE INK RECIPE The chemical formula dates back to 1842 (thanks John Herschel) there are several variations (thanks Mike Ware). Here is the recipe I use for my creations, detailed step by step to make 200ml of cyanotype emulsion. Azul Loeve 1/ INGREDIENTS A - [...]

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Anna Atkins

Anna Atkins English botanist, painter, engraver and photographer (1799-1871) Raised by a father who was a scientist, Anna Atkins was passionate about biology and illustrated various works by naturalists. She used engraving and watercolour before discovering the photographic techniques developed by John Herschel and [...]

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Focus on Cyano

Designation of uncontrolled origin Photogenic drawing or photogram Anna Atkins inaugurates a new herbarium for scientific purposes: she arranges the plants on paper coated with cyanotype emulsion, writes their names in Latin and English and then sunbathes them. The image reveals more than just [...]

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17th MARCH - 10th MAY of 2020 CONFINORAMA #1 LIFE IN BLUE, IN BLACK AND WHITE Original post on Instagram  Azul Loeve Creation on a daily basis during the 55 days of confinement in spring: from March 17, 2020 I published every day an image [...]

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