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Cyanotyping at the turn of the century

Selection of artists who have used cyanotyping at the turn of the 19th-20th century Henri RIVIÈRE French Artist (1864-1951) Painter-engraver, Henri Rivière developed an important corpus of lithographs and prints and made known in Europe the masters of Japanese engraving. His collection of [...]

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2020 SUMMER Oceanic feeling

SUMMER  2020 OCEANIC FEELING I like to walk in the woods, on the paths, along the beaches. I like to be part of nature. I like walking alone. It is a therapy. You have to be alone to recharge your batteries.he 19th-20th century Grace KELLY [...]

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Mike Ware

Mike Ware English photographer and chemist  | (active) THE CYANOTYPE, BUT STILL... ARGYROTYPES, CHRYSOTYPES, CALLADIOTYPES, PLATINOTYPES? Little information about this chemist, photographer specialising in alternative prints. Mike Ware was born in 1939 in England and devotes part of his career to updating old [...]

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WORKSHOPS Adult - Child (from 5 years old) Association - Company + possible intervention in schools Groups of to 6 persons Private lessons for 1 or 2 person. In Provence at Roquefort La Bédoule In Ile de France at Charenton le Pont In Auvergne at La Ganille Other possible [...]



CYANOTYPE INK RECIPE The chemical formula dates back to 1842 (thanks John Herschel) there are several variations (thanks Mike Ware). Here is the recipe I use for my creations, detailed step by step to make 200ml of cyanotype emulsion. Azul Loeve 1/ INGREDIENTS A - [...]

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Anna Atkins

Anna Atkins English botanist, painter, engraver and photographer (1799-1871) Raised by a father who was a scientist, Anna Atkins was passionate about biology and illustrated various works by naturalists. She used engraving and watercolour before discovering the photographic techniques developed by John Herschel and [...]

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