SUMMER  2020


I like to walk in the woods, on the paths, along the beaches.
I like to be part of nature.
I like walking alone. It is a therapy.
You have to be alone to recharge your batteries.he 19th-20th century



The oceanic feeling arrives in the middle of summer, in the midst of a global crisis,
in the middle of designing an art website.

It is a double belonging that I sometimes feel, being one with the Universe, an entity that surpasses and encompasses me, the Ocean and at the same time being a precise and measurable entity like a drop of water or the specific phenomenon of a wave.

Indian spirituality, via the Vedanta, deals a lot with this subject but the name comes from a letter from Roman ROLLAND to Sigmund FREUD, the writer asked the psychiatrist to look into this spontaneous religious feeling, to be in contact with the eternal, “which may very well not be eternal, but simply without perceptible limits, and as oceanic”.
In the end Doctor FREUD analysed this idea for 2 years, wrote “Malaise dans la civilisation” and evacuated the notion of religion. Baruch SPINOZA was summoned to speak about Eternity, nature, god and individual consciousness.

So yes, Grace KELLY is far from the subject, and she is in the subject, and I am far from a presentation of my new website, the approaching shop, the ultimate cyanographies and yet I hope I have plunged you into the oceanic feeling with me and all my activities in blue.

The exhibitions planned for this year have all been cancelled and caution is advised not to get too far ahead of future dates… so to continue to make cyanography visible, hope for some gains and delight an audience in demand for artistic stimuli, it was time to renovate the website.
My teammate updated the technological part and programmed impressive animations and I finished the “contents” part, a task all the more long as the confinement was creative, there are a lot of works to present!

This first version of the site is in the running-in phase and the second delivery is planned for the fall, Boutique and English translation!
Thank you for your indulgence, your patience, and good dive into the cyanographic sensation.