Focus on Cyano

Designation of uncontrolled origin Photogenic drawing or photogram Anna Atkins inaugurates a new herbarium for scientific purposes: she arranges the plants on paper coated with cyanotype emulsion, writes their names in Latin and English and then sunbathes them. The image reveals more than just a silhouette because the stems, leaves and flowers block the light rays according to their thickness. Anna Atkins is thus the author of the first book of photography, she will publish in cyanotype 11 volumes of census of the British flora, her last works [...]


CYANOTYPE INK RECIPE The chemical formula dates back to 1842 (thanks John Herschel) there are several variations (thanks Mike Ware). Here is the recipe I use for my creations, detailed step by step to make 200ml of cyanotype emulsion. Azul Loeve 1/ INGREDIENTS A - ferric ammonium citrate, a green-yellow powder B - potassium ferricyanide, a red-orange powder + distilled water -> Both powders must be handled with the usual precautions as in a chemical laboratory, in particular, isolate the work area, prohibit any food or drink, do not [...]


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