John Herschel

Sir John Herschel English Scientist (1792-1871) In 1838, at the age of 46, John Herschel returned to England after 5 years in South Africa with his wife and children. He published the results of his research in astronomy. William and Caroline Herschel - his father and his aunt - [...]

Anna Atkins

Anna Atkins English botanist, painter, engraver and photographer (1799-1871) Raised by a father who was a scientist, Anna Atkins was passionate about biology and illustrated various works by naturalists. She used engraving and watercolour before discovering the photographic techniques developed by John Herschel and William Henry Fox Talbot, [...]

Mike Ware

Mike Ware English photographer and chemist  | (active) THE CYANOTYPE, BUT STILL... ARGYROTYPES, CHRYSOTYPES, CALLADIOTYPES, PLATINOTYPES? Little information about this chemist, photographer specialising in alternative prints. Mike Ware was born in 1939 in England and devotes part of his career to updating old photographic processes. His official [...]


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