2022 | Neighbourhood Exhibition | Paris

02 2022 Exhibition neighbourhood walk Neighbourhood walk 20ème, Paris, France From 1 to 28 February 2022 Individual exhibition Opening on 2.2.2022 until 22h22 Belle des Champs 77 rue de Bagnolet 75020 Paris Free entrance from 10am to 6pm During the month of February, cyanographies are hung in the 20th district in Paris, visible every day from 11am to 8pm Belle des chanvres 77 rue de Bagnolet 75020 Paris M° Alexandre Dumas L2 Opening on 2.2.2022 Wednesday from 7pm. The gallery is in a CBD shop, with a place to drink tea, coffee and enjoy a touch of blue, about fifteen artworks initiate a sensitive, photosensitive walk.

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2021 Autumnal ardors

Avril 2022 | Salon des Metiers d'art à Aubagne Dans le cadre des Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art de 2022 une exposition collective réunit à côté de Marseille des artisans et artistes sous le thème « nos mains à l’unisson ». Azul Loeve sera présente au Salon des Métiers d’art d’Aubagne avec ses cyanographies... et des ateliers d’initiation, réalisation d'une empreinte photosensible en bleu et blanc... Le Cyano-Labo aura lieu les samedi et dimanche, réservation conseillée, + d'info sur la page JEMA 2022 La Chambre des métiers et de l’artisanat de PACA organise cet évènement à l’Espace des Libertés d’Aubagne, du vendredi 1er avril au dimanche 3 avril, de 10h à 18h. 2020 2021 | CONFINORAMA !? Durant les confinements, j'avais publié une sorte d'oeuvre-chronique : une image par jour, que ce soit un dessin, une photo, une peinture, sans me limiter à la cyanographie. La seule contrainte, à part le rythme quotidien, c'est le noir et blanc. Par là [...]

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2021 Spring Shuffle

Spring 2021... Shuffle ! Change of place, the residency at the Pounche workshop is over, it was time to pack again. My studio moves often, I like to keep the same name to identify all the places where I put my tools... in this case, the "Blue Room". Of course, this name refers to the darkroom of a photo lab, and since I left the Chambre Bleue on rue Charonne in Paris 2 years ago, my workshop could just as well be called "Bleu Nomade"... In the next few days the new workshop will be operational, still in Provence, closer to the Mediterranean. I will be able to restart cyanography, but unfortunately still no teaching workshop, due to the crisis. ... and Brainstorming... Back in lockdown... and here we go for a second loop of annual cancellations: the events that were postponed in 2020 will not take place this year either. The European Crafts Days were to be held in April, I was among [...]

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Unexpected Winter of 2020

Winter 2020 unexpected touch of blue An exhibition that really took place in 2020, in France!? --> From Friday, December 11th to Friday, December 18th, Azul Loeve unveiled a new cyanography at the Hublot d'Ivry... Exhibition to be found on this page. The Hublot continued its programming during the confinement, exhibitions of visual arts visible from a large public square, the Place Voltaire in Ivry sur Seine. The mini-gallery proved to be well adapted to the current cultural restrictions. New lockdown, second confinorama After the 55 days of the first Confinorama, a second one has just finish on the account Instagram Azul.Loeve It is a creative challenge that I launched myself in mid-March, to publish one image per day, be it a drawing, a photo, a painting, without limiting myself to cyanography. The only constraint, apart from the daily rhythm, is black and white. Sometimes the exercise became a bit overwhelming, but it allowed me to start a continuous creative thread... in climbing, we [...]

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17th MARCH - 10th MAY of 2020 CONFINORAMA #1 LIFE IN BLUE, IN BLACK AND WHITE Original post on Instagram  Azul Loeve Creation on a daily basis during the 55 days of confinement in spring: from March 17, 2020 I published every day an image made with the means of the edges, painting, photo, drawing. Small staging with trinkets, sketches, sometimes documented legends ... My Confinorama has only one formal proposal, black and white.

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SPRING OF 2020 FIND THE SWEETNESS OF AN UNSHAKEABLE PEACE Could Alexandra DAVID-NEEL's words describe the challenge of containment? For those who do not know the explorer mentioned, I recommend her books, fascinating travel stories, adventure novels, essays on Asian cultures and Buddhism. And by the way, here is her wikipedia page: Alexandra_David-NĂ©el I had used his words to talk about this Samurai, sketched after a visit to the Guimet Museum in 2017. Last summer I finished this representation in gala armour and zazen, a form of seated meditation linked to Japanese Buddhism. I liked to invent a warrior who would exercise his mental strength in this way. Since mid-March, I have often sat beside him. The exhibitions planned for spring have been cancelled (notably the European Craft Days in Aubagne), this summer's one is on hold (the two months at the Grouchy gallery in Osny) and my workshops have been postponed... Thanks to those who ordered me, as soon as I [...]

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