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John Herschel

Sir John Herschel English Scientist (1792-1871) In 1838, at the age of 46, John Herschel returned to England after 5 years in South Africa with his wife and children. He published the results of his research in astronomy. William and Caroline Herschel - his father [...]

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Quid about cyanography ?

BLUE IMAGES WITH AN INDISTINGUISHABLE STATUS BETWEEN PAINTING AND PHOTOGRAPHY CYANOGRAPHY, AN ANCIENT TECHNIQUE THAT HAS BECOME AN ALTERNATIVE ART FOR The formula was perfected in 1842 by a brilliant scientist, John Herschel: A - ferric ammonium citrate B - potassium ferricyanide These chemicals [...]

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2020 | JEMA Exhibition | Aubagne

04 2020 EXPOSITION JOURNéES EUROPéENNES DES MéTIERS D'ART Journées Européennes des Métiers d'Art Aubagne, Provence, France From 10 to 12 aprill 2020 Collective Exhibition Opening on friday the 10th of april at 5 p.m. Espace des Libertés 20 Avenue Antide Boyer 13400 Aubagne [...]

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SPRING OF 2020 FIND THE SWEETNESS OF AN UNSHAKEABLE PEACE Could Alexandra DAVID-NEEL's words describe the challenge of containment? For those who do not know the explorer mentioned, I recommend her books, fascinating travel stories, adventure novels, essays on Asian cultures and Buddhism. And by the way, here is [...]

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10 2019 PRESS REVIEWE Art'n'Mag number 10 | post by François Beauxis-Aussalet The ART'N'MAG magazine has chosen blue as the theme for its October 2019 issue, and one of the articles takes stock of cyanotype, the technique, but also its history and artists. The [...]

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