Cyanography by Azul LOEVE
65 x 50 cm | 2019
Cyanotype ink on Etival paper


The lives of the blue samurai

First existence, real, physical, the samurai of feudal Japan, in metal armor
he respected the Bushido, the warrior’s code of honor, but did not survive the Meiji Restoration in 1867.

Second chance, eternal, the figure of the samurai
Idealized, romanticized, it appears as a symbol of bravery in combat,
-control of weapons, emotions and strategy-.
Collectors collect samurai objects… and in Paris, the Musée Guimet is devoting an exhibition in 2018 to the Damyo, the ancient military nobility of Japan. Despite my reservations about the inherent violence of the samurai, I am fascinated and photograph armors, indigo silks and a thousand ornaments of the coat of arms.

Third breath, in a flash, a SAMIZEN idea,
Exercising mental strength, the samurai in meditation.

Put in image a training for endurance, without distinction “body and mind” and for this purpose, use the figure of the samurai.
Among my pictures I cut out armors, draw zazen breaks, sitting meditation from Japanese Buddhism.
My composition is quickly completed, but the realization of the cyanography is arduous, so in May 2018 I have the opportunity to exhibit my cyanographies at the Hôtel des Invalides, a temple of the French army. I absolutely want SAMIZEN to hang under the mythical golden dome, that this Zen spark be addressed to soldiers… alas, the will is vain, the work unfinished, the color pale, and I must continue to work on it, to persevere on the path of the samurai.
In autumn 2019, in my new studio in Provence, I finally meet a SAMIZEN in intense blue, concentrated, resistant.

Finding the serene softness of an unshakeable peace
Alexandra DAVID-NEEL

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on handmade paper 250gr


65 x 50 cm




Azul Loeve




Hôtel des Invalides in Paris , Grouchy Castle in Osny


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