2021 Autumnal ardors

Avril 2022 | Salon des Metiers d'art à Aubagne Dans le cadre des Journées Européennes des Métiers d’Art de 2022 une exposition collective réunit à côté de Marseille des artisans et artistes sous le thème « nos mains à l’unisson ». Azul Loeve sera présente au Salon des Métiers d’art d’Aubagne avec ses cyanographies... [...]

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2021 Spring Shuffle

Spring 2021... Shuffle ! Change of place, the residency at the Pounche workshop is over, it was time to pack again. My studio moves often, I like to keep the same name to identify all the places where I put my tools... in this case, the "Blue Room". Of course, this name refers to [...]

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Unexpected Winter of 2020

Winter 2020 unexpected touch of blue An exhibition that really took place in 2020, in France!? --> From Friday, December 11th to Friday, December 18th, Azul Loeve unveiled a new cyanography at the Hublot d'Ivry... Exhibition to be found on this page. The Hublot continued its programming during the confinement, exhibitions of visual [...]

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Cyanotyping at the turn of the century

Selection of artists who have used cyanotyping at the turn of the 19th-20th century Henri RIVIÈRE French Artist (1864-1951) Painter-engraver, Henri Rivière developed an important corpus of lithographs and prints and made known in Europe the masters of Japanese engraving. His collection of [...]

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Mike Ware

Mike Ware English photographer and chemist  | (active) THE CYANOTYPE, BUT STILL... ARGYROTYPES, CHRYSOTYPES, CALLADIOTYPES, PLATINOTYPES? Little information about this chemist, photographer specialising in alternative prints. Mike Ware was born in 1939 in England and devotes part of his career to updating old [...]

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