French Poet | 1889-1960

Milky Way

Cyanography by Azul LOEVE


A tree facing the sky
This dark procession
We light up the world with candles
Everything is too far away and in the shadows
A murky footstep at night

The wall is slowly coming down
And his shadow makes a stain
Against the descending earth
Towards the river where you can hear
The crystal laughter of the rocks

A white ray hangs from the top
The night swings for a while
Something falls into the water
A shower of stars


I am in the middle of a cloud
of snow
or smoke
The brightness of the day makes its noise
the casement window
opens the corner wall
the drowsy eyelid
and the eye already lowered

Further on
on the diversion where should have fallen
the great wind that passed
by rolling the atmosphere
snow and smoke
A few grains of sunshine
and the weight of the earth

Milky Way

Cyanography by Azul LOEVE


He walked on one foot without knowing where he would put the other. At the turn of the street the wind was sweeping away the dust and his greedy mouth was engulfing the whole space.

He started to run hoping to fly away at any moment, but by the stream the cobblestones were wet and his flailing arms could not hold him back. In his fall he realised that he was heavier than his dream and he has loved the weight that made him fall ever since.


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A selection of books in which artists have participated alongside his poems

1919 LA GUITARE ENDORMIE | with drawings by Juan GRIS | Imprimerie Birault
1921 STARS PAINTED | with an etching by Andr├ę DERAIN | ├ëditions Sagittaire
1929 SOURCES OF WIND | with a portrait of the author by PICASSO | Maurice Sachs publisher
1946 VISAGES | fourteen lithographs by Henri MATISSE | Éditions du Chêne
1959 LA LIBERTÉS DES MERS | illustration Georges BRAQUE | Éditions Maeght