Cyanography by Azul LOEVE
50×65 cm | 2014
Cyanotype ink on handmade paper



This small collection of 6 cyanographies
is realized by Azul LOEVE
with the photographic complicity of Mickaël JACOB.

They met in milonga, the tango ball. They love to dance… and to photograph.
Azul has an idea behind her head, thanks to cyanography, to reinterpret the aesthetics of tango, still often old-fashioned, hyper-generated and above all far from what she feels in dance and knows from balls. Not all tangueros are couples on fire, Mr. macho is taller than Madame femme fatale.

When she sees Mickaël’s photographs, she tells him about her artistic research because the couples in her lens reflect the vitality of tango. Any kind of duet, no theatrical pose, a lot of connection between the dancers, the music, the milonga… and a personal look. He entrusts her with his works, she embarks on a re-creation.


5 works of similar size | 32 x 44 cm

1 large size artwork MIRTH | 50 x 65 cm

She recomposes scenes by drawing from their two photographic harvests and invents a pictorial treatment, a thick horizontal bar behind a couple, symbol of the rustling milonga, a giant score.

One differs a little,
the bar is made explicit, the dancers are visible, the couple is replaced by a tanguera.

A sixth cyanography is very different,
the bar takes the shape of a semicircle and symbolizes the cocoon of the abrazo.

The red and black gives way to blue scales, the dancers continue their movements via those of the brushes, the chemical emulsions retranscribe on paper the gesture of the danced tango.

Additional information

Work of art

on handmade paper Moli Ca l'Oliver 250gr


50×65 cm


Tango Gesture


Azul Loeve




at the Rey del Compas gallery in the church of the Frères Prêcheurs in Arles, at the AAB gallery in Paris




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