Cyanography by Azul LOEVE
20 x 30 cm | 2013
Cyanotype ink on Guarro paper



Granny’s sneakers took me to live far away from France, they ended their material life in the sky of Buenos Aires,
and continue to accompany me on other paths, to dance like this on paper.

Thank you Ko Hana for the hanging at the foot of your building.

This cyanography initiates a refined composition, few details of the original photograph are preserved by Azul Loeve, who uses the intensity of the void for the first time. A beautiful homage and a trail to follow.


From my blue eyes

Travel diary to the land of wonder.

The point of view of my photographs is marked, the treatment noticed.
A detail calls out to me, a landscape moves me, I see poetic arrangements everywhere in the way the world is made and I try to capture them.

Once these visions have been collected, at the other end of the globe or at the counter next door, I still use a process of subjectivity, the blue, ostentatious cyanotype print, with a pictorialist treatment that disturbs, stains and transforms the image.

This old collection goes back to my beginnings with the medium, I was still very attached to photo negatives and used them to retranscribe my enchanted visions, the sparks that I detect in nature and among humans.

The principle of life in blue!


Additional information


on paper Guarro Acuarela 350gr


30 x 42 cm


From my blue eyes


Azul Loeve




at the POC festival in Marseille, at the Rey del Compas gallery in the church of the Frères Prêcheurs of Arles, at the gallery of the court of Paris


Possible variation with the same negative, on order


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