at the Hublot d’Ivry

  • From 11 to 18 december 2020

  • Ivry sur Seine, France

  • Cyanography exhibition

  • Abrazo by Azul Loeve

  • Installation on Friday, December 11 at 4:00 p.m.
    … without vernissage, lockdown obliges

  • Work visible 24 hours a day

  • Le Hublot
    place Voltaire
    94200 Ivry

  • Métro 7 Mairie d’Ivry
    Rer C

My only exhibition of 2020, an event reduced to a formula: “one artist, one work, one week” at the Hublot d’Ivry.
The conditions are hostile, the lockdown in full force and effect until Tuesday prohibits the opening and all exchanges around the exhibition, the weather encourages to stay at home, the installation took place in the rain with icy wind.
The curfew then prevented passers-by from looking after 8 pm,… and yet the exhibition radiated beyond my expectations, an inspired gallery owner, friends in number, Abrazo was appreciated and strangers were eager to testify.
Facebook and instagram made this Hublot come alive, a few links are available below, many thanks!

Abrazo, the Hublot by Azul LOEVE

Many social gestures have become rare in 2020 since the beginning of the pandemic, hugging is no longer done in the public square, no more physical contact, no hugging. Azul Loeve is taking advantage of the only exhibition held this year to hand out an abrazo in the heart of the city, in the center of Ivry, in the Hublot on Place Voltaire.

Her artwork has a Spanish title and speaks body-language, an abrazo is at once family hugs, lovers clinch, huggings between comrades, embrace of farewells and reunion.
Azul Loeve painted an abrazo with an Argentine accent, “Two tango dancers, all in blue, the color of my medium, instead of the traditional red and black of this dance. They look like an old photography, yet their movements can be seen in the brushstrokes, and the figuration is abstracted between their arms, in the chemistry of cyanide salts.
Cyanography is little known, halfway between photography and painting, it is an art of blue. I use this photosensitive ink as an ally of my imagination, with infinite games of interpretation, poetry, light.”

  • Le Hublot D’Ivry  link … of 11 december 2020 (in french)

  • Big Thanks to the photographers, Constance A., Cécile LB-D, Jph Pellissard, Johann P.

  • Dedication to Felix R.A.
    his artistic installation “Abrazos in front of Abrazo”.
    is visible on the pictures below