Cyanography by Azul LOEVE
50×65 cm | 2015
Cyanotype ink on handmade paper



Cashmir is both a region on the edge of the Himalayas and a very soft fabric made from the fur of Tibetan goats, or cashmere goats. One could also think of Kashmir, the long piece by the rock band Led Zeppelin… all these senses could be perceived in the weave of this cyanography where we see two dancers in action, united on the right edge of the work.
Yet what guided my composition is a Persian motif, identified under several names, Boteh in Iran (where my family lived), Paisley in the Anglo-Saxon world, and Kashmir, a kind of water drop with a curved tip.
This pattern has followed me since my youth, on the carpets and drapes of my parents, I draw geometrical, flowery, allegorical variations… and although it is difficult to see in this moment of tango, I spread the ink following one of my variations which involves inner / outer lines of force, Softness and Vitality.
This work is also part of the ECHO TANGO collection, started in 2015 and still in progress.


Visual exploration of Reality and Utopia as isotopes.

Brief reminder of physics…
The atomic number corresponds to the number of proton present in the nucleus of the atom, for example hydrogen, H the most abundant element in the universe and the simplest with only one proton.
Two atoms are called isotopes when they have the same atomic number but different numbers of neutrons, there are several isotopes of hydrogen and this changes their chemical properties. In our example, 3H with its two neutrons is radioactive.

The technique of cyanography makes it possible to create works from elements captured by the photographic lens, and from elements traced by hand, with a poetic pictorial treatment. A meeting of several facets on the same paper. A search for harmony through social movements or those of the dancers, in the abrazo of tango, the imaginary and Elsewhere.


Additional information


on handmade paper Moli Ca l'Oliver 250gr


50×65 cm


Isotopy, Echo Tango


Azul Loeve




at the POC festival in Marseille, at the Rey del Compas gallery in the church of the Frères Prêcheurs of Arles, at the gallery of the court of Paris


Possible variation with the same negative, to order


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