POETRY INSPIRATION Paul ELUARD French Poet | 1895-1952 Elsewhere Here Everywhere There stand a thousand walls Of our houses aging well And mothers of a thousand houses There sleep waves of tiles Renewed by the sun And bearing the shadow of the birds [...]

Paul ÉLUARD2020-12-18T15:19:25+01:00


POETRY INSPIRATION Wisława SZYMBORSKA Polish Poet | 1923-2012 Conversation with stone I knock at the stone door "It's me, let me in. I come to see you, to visit you feel your breath" "Go away, says the stone I am locked. Even broken into [...]

Wisława SZYMBORSKA2020-12-18T15:19:42+01:00


POETRY INSPIRATION Pierre REVERDY French Poet | 1889-1960 Milky Way Cyanography by Azul LOEVE STARRY SKY A tree facing the sky This dark procession We light up the world with candles Everything is too far away and in the shadows A murky [...]

Pierre REVERDY2020-12-18T15:20:06+01:00


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