Cyanography by Azul Loeve
32 x 44 cm | 2020
Cyanotype ink on handmade paper



A celestial monad inspired by a particular Japanese fan, the tessen.
Its original name 鉄扇 means “IRON FAN” because it is composed of metal blades, more or less sharp, which unfold into an arc of a circle. When folded into a compact block, it transforms into a massive stick … and discreet.

The tessen is part of the GUNBAÏ, that is to say the martial art fans. Samurais and ninjas used it mainly as a defensive weapon, as did women and merchants who sometimes wore a tessen to reassure themselves. Its mastery is acquired through specific training, focused on parries. There is also a Chinese version in Tai Chi Chuan.

A strong symbolism in this “Swiss knife” which has found a new place today: its manipulation in choreographed martial art, very aesthetic, evokes the IQ, the fundamental principle of Asian cosmology.
This concept intersects at the same time Western notions of air, energy and breath. I worked TESSEN” in powerful monad, dense blue, solid sky.



The monad, a unit, a basic cell.

This notion of Greek philosophy, taken up in biology, was then adopted by modern philosophers to explain the universe. LEIBNIZ is the one who brought it back to light in 1714 with MONADOLOGY.

I retain an understanding of the world through monads, autonomous entities that combine in harmony. My workshop is a philo-bio-cyano laboratory where I found monads, a whole collection, the #MONADAZ. Each one is a microcosm that contains a diversity of blues, textures and features.

The monad, a unity, an exploration of abstract art.


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Work of art

on handmade paper Moli Ca l'Oliver 250gr


32 x 44 cm




Azul Loeve






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