Taste of Fire

Cyanography by Azul LOEVE
21 x 29,7 cm | 2020
Cyanotype ink on Etival paper


Taste of Fire


This visual accompanies the musical setting
of a poem by Boris Vian by the Fraench SR collective

I wouldn’t want to die 1951

An extra long poem that is often found in song.
And below, almost all of it




This collection is the result of a cross creation between musicians, poets and a painter, Azul Loeve. This small community was organized by a fellow singer during the first confinement, he wanted texts, melodies, illustrations, rhythm and above all an artistic adventure.

Everything is set up via social networks, messages are flowing, back and forth between the first texts, guitar lines, sketches. The Fraench Social Republik finds its name, refines its first productions, the visuals are synchronized to titles. Some participate anonymously, with new nicknames, as a side-project of their usual band or featuring on a track… the collective is moving.

Since autumn 2020 some of the tracks have been released on the facebook page  Fraench SR, with the cyanographies in illustration, and an exhibition of Azul Loeve was planned in October in Paris… with a concert and a drawn performance. This year’s exceptional restrictions prevent from receiving the public, so the works are presented on the artist’s website in an original version, without the graphic additions of the band.

I don’t want to die
Before having known
Black Dogs of Mexico
Who sleep without dreaming
Bare-assed monkeys
Devourers of the tropics
The silver spiders
In the nest full of bubbles

I don’t want to die
Without knowing if the moon
Under its false air of money
With a pointed side
If the sun is cold
If the four seasons
Are really only four

And there is z also
All I know
All I appreciate
That I know who I like
The green background of the sea
Where do the seaweed strands waltz?
On the undulating sand
June toasted grass
The earth that cracks
The smell of conifers
And the kisses of the one
That this that that
The beautiful one
My Bear, the Ursula
I don’t want to die
Before using
His mouth with my mouth
His body with my hands
The rest with my eyes
I don’t say any more than that
Remain reverential

I don’t want to die
Without having invented
The eternal roses
The two-hour day
The sea to the mountains
The mountain to the sea
The end of pain
Newspapers in color
All happy children
And so much more
Who sleep in the skulls
Great engineers
Jovial gardeners
Socialists Concerned
Urban planners
And pensive thinkers
So many things to see
To see and hear
So much time to wait
Searching in the dark

And I see the end
Who is swarming and coming
With its ugly face
And who opens his arms to me
Of frog bancroche

I don’t want to die
No sir no ma’am
Before you’ve tried
The taste that torments me
The taste that is the strongest
I don’t want to die
Before you have tasted
The taste of death…

Additional information

Work of art

on Etival paper 250gr


21 x 29,7 cm




Azul Loeve






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